Object Autopsy ...and the Toaster Wand

The brief for this project was presented in two parts. Firstly, take apart multiple objects to analyse how its made and secondly, redesign a common household appliance and improve it in some way.


I took apart a mobile phone, a DVD player, a headset and a toaster, to analyse the processes that were used to manufacture it, how it was assembled, and what materials they were made from.

Then I chose to develop on the toaster to redesign. I found this extremely challenging as the toaster is an appliance that has been developed on for hundreds of years, and any issues surrounding it has already been addressed. So instead I decided to explore an alternative appliance that would change the function of it slightly.

This led to the Toaster Wand – a hand held appliance that contained all the same innards as a regular toaster (nichrome wire, mica board, etc) but without the timing system, and instead a simple on and off button. The wand comes with custom aluminium templates that are simply slotted in and out of the wand, and there on creates shapes onto the slice of bread the wand is then held over.

The appliance is meant to encourage more interaction and inspire more creativity. It should also encourage kids that don’t eat their toast in the morning or lunch time. It’s aimed at parents or children but in general just makes the process more fun.

The redesign part of this brief was largely focused around the use of solidworks and building my skills in the programme. This allowed me to display each part and piece of the design will my exploded view images.

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018