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Edinburgh born and bred, I’ve been inspired by this beautiful city since I was a child. Its architecture, atmosphere and culture are elements to truly be proud of. I used these elements mostly in my last year of high school for my advanced art portfolio, where I took an in-depth look into architecture and landscapes, and narrowed down to the finer details such as doorways and bridges. I don’t think inspiration has to be specific or for a reason, but merely something you admire or encourages you to try.

Stockholm Furniture Fair – February 2016

After hearing about this opportunity through the University, a few of my course mates and myself visited Stockholm for a week so we could attend the furniture fair, and it was an amazing experience. For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of attending, it consists of a massive convention centre, filled with current top design companies, and hundreds of up and coming designers – students and freelancers – all showcasing their best works or current projects. It was brilliant, and had the kind of atmosphere that made you want to pick up every leaflet and brochure that was available to you – so much so that my hand luggage was filled to capacity with card and paper for returning home. It was the best source of inspiration, purely because of the massive range of products available for us to view. Being able to speak to the students and staff about their work – how did the determine a brief, where did they find their inspiration, how did they prototype or manufacture their work? It was a plethora of information, and an experience I will carry with me through my career.