Glenkinchie Glasses

This brief was to design a glass vessel for a popular beverage. I decided to focus on whisky and a local brand as I knew little about it to begin.

To really get into this project I went to the Glenkinchie distillery located just outside of Edinburgh for a tour and tasting. Here I learned how whisky is made and processed, the main differences between malts and also what the purposes are of the different shaped glasses that are used in consumption. For instance I learned that the tulip shaped glasses are used for optimising the scent of the whisky, as it’s a huge part of the experience. I was also eager to learn that blue tulip glasses are used as a sort of challenge, where consumers are meant to determine the whisky from the scent alone, excluding the colour of the liquid.

I took all of this into account when going ahead with this brief and decided I wanted to make a whisky set for Glenkinchie consisting of glasses, a water jug and a bottle. I practised in plaster modelling and moulding, including working on the plaster lathe. We also got to participate in blowing glass, and using these plaster moulds to create our desired shapes. This was an incredibly fun process and I’m really keen to try another project including glass blowing.

The blue glass was also interesting as it was blown slightly differently to clear glass. The glass was coated on the inside with concentrated blue. but gave the illusion when blown of it being entirely made of blue. I went for this shape of glass through out the set as I felt it to be different from the common glass on the market. The angular glasses actually provided a really nice and secure shape to hold, and I really liked that the glass could be placed on its sides, it just provided a unique aspect for me. I related the set back to Glenkinchie by proposing their logo be engraved into the side of the glass/bottle.

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018