Dog Bed

This project was a fairly open brief, in which we were asked to design a piece of furniture or object for a bird, cat or dog and make it sustainable. We also had to revalue the piece in some way. I chose to focus on dogs because I felt I had most experience with them in comparison to cats or birds.

This was when I went to see Basil, a large majestic Hungarian Viszula, and I focused on his bad habits of chewing and digging. I observed what he liked to chew on, when he was most likely to do it, and loads of other useful information from interacting with him in person. Through some innovative drawing and development, I led on to designing the chewable dog bed.


The bed is made mostly of bendy plywood, this allows the flexibility that would otherwise come from plastic, but makes the bed sustainable. Its tied together manually with hemp twine, making it replaceable, and flat packed. Having it replaceable was vital, because of the chewing nature the entire bed encourages. The actual rollers were made of different types of material. This is based on the what materials your dog chews on. Rubber, wicker, faux fur, rope, or other potential materials that could be suggested from user feedback and developed into the design.

There was a lot of development into this design concerning the keyhole mechanism that attaches the rolled to the bed, as it had to be extremely strong yet removable and not dangerous. The chewy aspect of the bed is to encourage the dog not to chew on other more valuable objects belonging to the owner, this then revaluing the relationship between the dog and owner.

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018