Comforting Reminder

An all in one kitchen unit that designed for small living spaces. Due to the exponential increase in young people choosing convenience over luxury, the demand for reminding ourselves what is possible with less is essential. This project should change our perception of cooking, and how we use our kitchens, determine what is essential in a kitchen, and what is merely desireable, to show how we take kitchen space for granted and help remind us how to be organised with cooking again. 

The body of the unit is made of solid wood oak, and the counter an epoxy resin worktop, with a marbling paint effect. I created a variety of 3D samples to allow users to visualise the type of unit they would have in their space.

 The logo for the Cook Nook is a symbol for everything it represents. With a blocky typography to look like the unit’s body, and the rest to represent the more unique aspects to its design.

To try begin to represent these Martian designer plants, I used live cactuses to reproduce the natural shape. However, the plaster moulds were too harsh on the natural material and failed. Further exploration with silicone moulds and 3d printing with replicating plant computer drawings led to the ideal shape and consistency I was looking for in my plant designs.

There are three species of these plants, all based on genetically engineered Earth house plants, and each have their own data specifications. I designed a container to house these designer plants, much like a space terrarium, which allowed me to further my experience in glass, plaster and 3d printing. The project was exciting as I could take it in any direction I liked as it was a fairly new field and it also left a lot of space for creativity. All six versions were displayed in my 3rd year exhibition, and I received some fantastic feedback.

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018