Bee Sweet

For this project we were grouped with three other Illustrator students, asked to create a branded collective, and together design packaging for an Easter Egg which we would then market.

This way we were able to get to know each other as designers and get to grips with each of our differing design styles. Our collective was called Core4, and we based our group on the four values; innovation, interaction, imagination and idealism.

We decided to go for a niche market that could still be sold in popular market places. This lead to researching in diabetes and how chocolate at easter is tailored for diabetics. Through interviews and first hand research it was evident that a lot of niche markets, especially diabetics, don’t want to be singled out. This lead to us generalising our design to make it more about portion control and sharing. This worked into the fact that bee pollen was a main contributor to the treatment of diabetes. This concluded that we would be designing a bee themed package that encouraged sharing.

When modelling we wanted the structure to contain the egg as strongly and safely as possible, and we had developed our initial idea so that the chocolate would be segmented, for this sharing quality to really take place. And so after thorough modelling experimenting and intensive laser cutting sessions, we devised this hexagonal, six-way segmented packaging. 

The exterior and interior illustrations were then developed and we achieved this gradient of hexagons that matched the theme of the box perfectly. This and the typography was designed by our illustration team.

The final part of our brief included branding and marketing our packaging as part of the Easter season. For this we shot a video advert:  and gave an example of our product on the shelves on supermarkets; how it would be transported, and so on.

The video advert was particularly fun, learning the basics of filming and, more in-depth into how to animate. I animated the video using Photoshop timeline.

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018