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I’m Meghan, a student at Edinburgh University about to go into my fourth year in BA(hons) Product Design.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far, having the opportunity to try all these different techniques and facilities that we’re fortunate to have. I love technology, and how quickly its progressing, I’m excited to see where it goes next, and hopefully be a part of its progression.

But I also love the old practical ways. I’m studying in a good time, where hand made wood work is still encouraged but we have access to laser cutting or CNC machines; where hand rendering is practised yet were taught how to photoshop and draw in Solidworks. I like learning about what I can do with existing materials, but also finding out about new ones and their potential. Having a fairly small class has meant more tutor time, and many presentations, practice speaking in front of people.

I’ve even had the opportunity to go abroad to appreciate design in other cultures. I went to Stockholm in February of this year to visit the Furniture Fair. Here, I saw an unlimited amount of inspiration, with hundreds of stalls of companies and designers all showcasing their work. It was amazing, and I’m disappointed I only had a day to see it all. I went to Paris earlier on this year and visited the plethora of museums in one of the most famous cities in the world. Here in particular I enjoyed the Palais de Tokyo, where there were exhibitions of lots of weird and wonderful designs.

I like working in collaborations, I like bouncing ideas off people and seeing how they design. I find it tricky working individually, however as I progress on my course I’m slowly building confidence to appreciate my own work. I like what I do, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.