About me

I’m Meghan, a recent graduate of BA(Hons) Product Design from the University of Edinburgh

I ¬†really enjoyed my time there, having the opportunity to try all these different techniques and facilities that we were fortunate to have. I love technology, and how quickly it is progressing, I’m excited to see where it goes next, and hopefully be a part of its progression.

But I also love the old practical ways. I studied in a good time, where hand made wood work is still encouraged but we have access to laser cutting or CNC machines; where hand rendering is practised yet were taught how to photoshop and draw in Solidworks. I like learning about what I can do with existing materials, but also finding out about new ones and their potential. Having a fairly small class has meant more tutor time, and many presentations, practice speaking in front of people.

I like working in collaborations, I like bouncing ideas off people and seeing how they design. At first, I found it tricky to work individually, however over my course I learned what my limits and capabilities of learning are, and learned how to have pride in my work. I like what I do, and I’m excited to see where it takes me¬†

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018

Copyright of Meghan Foley 2018